Hello, I’m Alix de la Forest-Divonne and my passions are my family, cooking, diving and continuous learning.

I have worked within corporates, created and developed a start-up and successfully sold it. A masters in marketing and management in my twenties has led to me now studying psychology. I’m a mum of two young, energetic boys.

I lived abroad when young and have always loved travelling and an international environment. I believe all of these experiences have shaped who I am today as a person and as a coach, offering me versatility and a strong understanding of the situations and challenges my clients are facing.

My approach emphasizes the collaboration between coach and coachee. I empower clients and allow them to move forward, using powerful questions and creativity. I fully embrace the here and now, so my clients reach high levels of awareness that enable them to make enlightened choices for themselves.

My experience spans retail, banking, digital, start-ups, education and arts. My particular focus areas are:

– Empowerment and building confidence in challenging moments (new position, highly competitive environment etc)
– Enabling clients to navigate through difficult choices, gain clarity and make enlightened choices
– Encouraging deep, long term reflexions on future goals, life choices and how to move on from a current situation

My entrepreneurial experience has brought me many like-minded clients. I coach in English, French and Spanish.

I help you live a more fulfilling life – at work and home. Imagine you at your best.

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