Hello, I’m James Woodeson and my passion is creative coaching, supporting and challenging my clients to be the best they want to be.

My first job was in a chicken factory. This was followed by a pig farm. After graduating from University, I worked up from trainee to business leader and board director in a global firm.

The journey included managing risk. Sales. Relationship management. Team leadership. Surviving the financial crisis. Five countries and cultures. A 02:59 marathon.

I now work with individuals and teams to support them access their resources. Improved performance through improved self-awareness. I enjoy helping others achieve fulfilment. I have found that taking the opportunity to do something I am most interested in doing, everything else takes care of itself.

My aim is to develop genuine relationships. Based on trust, empathy, fun, support and challenge. I provide a fresh perspective and coaching skill, so you can use this for personal growth.

I work with those ready to explore who they are. I bring my whole-self, broad range and experience to our relationship.

These individuals or teams are open to experiment and change through experiential learning. Opening an understanding of what has been challenging them.

I am an accredited to ACC level with the International Coach Federation and am working towards the PCC. I adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

I help you live a more fulfilling life – at work and home. Imagine you at your best.

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