Stress is a dis-ease. Not a disease

Imagine a toxic workplace. Notice what comes to mind as you do this. Where do you experience any feelings or sensations in your body? Perhaps you have experienced this in the past. Maybe you are in it now. It’s likely … Read More

Be the lighthouse. It’s time for WQ

As conceived in the fabulous book, Future Sense (Malcolm Parlett, 2015), ‘whole intelligence’ or WQ, is deliberately holistic and inclusive. It emphasises the integration of a broader variety of human qualities and potential, rather than a false dichotomy between IQ … Read More

What is our idea of great coaching?

A foundation of our philosophy is the importance of each moment with our clients. Bringing our whole selves, working relationally and in a constantly emergent way. What does this feel like? We give you a supportive and challenging space to … Read More