As conceived in the fabulous book, Future Sense (Malcolm Parlett, 2015), ‘whole intelligence’ or WQ, is deliberately holistic and inclusive. It emphasises the integration of a broader variety of human qualities and potential, rather than a false dichotomy between IQ and EQ.

This includes qualities such as:

Practical understanding
Sensitivity to the environment
A capacity to notice the dynamics of complex situations
An ability to make informed choices
A clear sense of what a group can and cannot do
A recognition of other people’s humanity and potential
Relational maturity
A growth mindset such that this list may be added to!

Coaching can support and challenge you to grow your edge, through developing your WQ.

How to respond to given situations, develop relational maturity with ourselves and others, noticing and using our bodies as a guide and experimenting with new ways of being. These are all part of accessing your inherent resourcefulness.

Imagine you at your best.

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