Imagine a toxic workplace. Notice what comes to mind as you do this. Where do you experience any feelings or sensations in your body? Perhaps you have experienced this in the past. Maybe you are in it now.

It’s likely that relationships with others and the environment itself are taking their toll. Typically, the person is suffering from the situation and the situation is suffering too.

For healthy functioning our relationships (at work and home) need to be porous. Allowing nourishment and intimacy in, for learning and growth. Sufficiently impermeable to maintain autonomy and to resist what is toxic in the environment, which leads to dis-ease.

If you are seeing the signals of dis-ease, coaching can support you. Raising awareness of where you are right now and what behaviour you might change. This is all you are in complete control of. Coaching also challenges you to access your inherent resources and potential.

Growing your edge so you may influence your significant relationships in new ways.

Imagine you at your best.

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